Mineral Oil

Type Equivalent Size
XR 212 – 32 3 GS 3.78 litre
XR 212 – 55 4 GS 3.78 litre
XR 212 – 100 5 G 3.78 litre
Mineral Oil
Mineral Oil

Polyester Oil (POE)


About Xaerus Oil

Xaerus Performance Fluids International was created to combine the talents of World Class specialty lubricant development and manufacturing with World Class application engineering and technical service. The products manufactured in our modern facility located in Midland, MI USA are among the highest quality, best performing industrial lubricants available. Our expanding global distribution and logistics network allows efficient and reliable supply to most any region.

Commitment to Innovation

Xaerus technology and customer connectivity is ever evolving to continually create value for the customers we serve. Whether it is a new product to solve a tough problem, a creative package solution, or regional supply, we are committed to relentlessly pursue perfection.

Core Ideology

Our core values are:

  1. Deliver superior products to the market with high velocity that create value for our customers.
  2. Provide market leading technical expertise to our customers.
  3. Customer focused innovation and creative solutions will create value and assure our customers’ success.

Commitment to Excellence

Xaerus is committed to provide the highest quality, best performing products possible to all customers. This is backed by a committed staff dedicated to the advancement of lubrication technology, service when you need it and a commitment to our customers’ success.