Axial Fan FC Series


FC series

Product specification:

Fluted aluminium die-cast blade for use in aerodynamically designed air duct systems, such as full nozzles and pipe installation. Available dimensions 315 – 1250 mm, volume flow rates up to 62,000 m³/h and static pressure increase up to 300 Pa.

Properties & special features:

  • High flexibility due to 100% speed controlled volume flow rate
  • Compromise between energy efficiency and investment costs
  • Very smooth running and high durability due to dynamic balancing on 2 levels
  • Meets ErP Directive 2015
  • Numerous approvals (incl. VDE, UL, CCC, EAC, CE)

Motor concepts:

External rotor motors

  • AC technology
Axial Fan FC Series

Axial Fan FB Series


Axial Fan FE2owlet (FN Series)


Axial Fan ZAplus (ZN Series)


About Ziehl Abegg

On 2nd January 1910 Emil Ziehl founded ZIEHL-ABEGG in Berlin Weißensee. This marked the beginning of the blue era, and from these early beginnings the company went from strength to strength. This story of success is founded on Emil Ziehl’s pioneering inventions, such as his patented developments in the field of electric gyroscopes and the gyroscopic compass that formed the basis for the external rotor motor developed by Emil Ziehl at the turn of the century.

This educated, highly gifted engineer and creative mind achieved worldwide recognition for his developments.