Wongso Block Ice Package (WBIP Series) is special units for the production of block ice.

This package consists of refrigeration unit, coil evaporator, ice can, agitator, and lifting devices.

WBIP Series have been designed in simple version to suit customers’ need.

Block ice is hard and thick, not easy to melt, and convenient to storage and transport.

Standard Product

  • Evaporator in and out fluid temperature -15⁰C/-20⁰C
  • Condenser water in and out temperature 30⁰C/35⁰C
  • Secondary refrigrant : Ethylene Glycol solution (mass concentration: 22%) or Calsium Chloride solution (mass concentration: 22%).
  • Block ice specification: 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 100 kg.

For any other conditions please contact us directly.