Wongso Light Condensing Unit (WLCU Series) is a open condensing unit designed for small and commercial segment.

WLCU Series has capacity start from 0.5 HP until 2 HP.

This unit is suitable for commercial food and beverage cooling and freezing such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, cafes, and many more.

Medium Temperature

Model Compressor HP
WLCU-0025-M AE4430Z 1/4
WLCU-0033-M AE4440Z 1/3
WLCU-0050-M AE4460Z 1/2
WLCU-0100-M CAJ9510Z 1
WLCU-0150-M CAJ4517Z 1-1/2
WLCU-0200-M CAJ4525Z 2

Low Temperature

Model Compressor HP
WLCU-0025-L AE2410Z 1/4
WLCU-0050-L AE2420Z 1/2
WLCU-0075-L CAJ2432Z 3/4
WLCU-0100-L CAJ2446Z 1
WLCU-0150-L CAJ2464Z 1-1/2
WLCU-0200-L FH2480Z 2